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A + E for my niece


A + E for my niece

Under the sea. Beautiful art.

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Cartoon Network: Check It!

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Glen Keane is amazing

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Robin Hood (1973) | character design - Milt Kahl

These wonderful character studies for the movie Robin Hood were drawn by Milt Kahl.

Ken Anderson again provided rough sketches first, and Milt refined the designs.

The draughtsmanship and charm in these knock me out.

Every one of these personalities has star qualities, something I call magnetism. You can’t take your eyes off them. And the way Milt is able to draw wings, pigs’ feet or dogs’ paws functioning as human hands is astonishing. 



Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

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Soft Colouring Tutorial

I’ve been asked countless times what is my tecnique of colouring and well, this tutorial was promised long ago.

I made other tutorials on colouring but they’re getting old and I’m changing my ways.
So, here we go, a soft colouring tutorial for you guys! c: As I wrote there, I am not a professional, so don’t take it as the only way to do it. 
But I really, really hope I helped! 

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If you want to be good: Don’t empathize with this. Shut up and draw. There’s nothing at all to think or talk about. No one cares. Do it. Right now. Stop reading


If you want to be good: Don’t empathize with this. Shut up and draw. There’s nothing at all to think or talk about. No one cares. Do it. Right now. Stop reading


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i don’t even know what to explain but just line of action for starters and then go CRAZY with all features ever

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Hipocampo for the Beauty and the Myth card set, you can preorder them here!

Read the captions for more info! =)

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I loved httyd2 . The sound track always gives me chills.
I’ll find that scanner cord one day.

Golly, this is beautiful.


I loved httyd2 . The sound track always gives me chills.

I’ll find that scanner cord one day.

Golly, this is beautiful.


I just can’t stop drawing Toothless!

Fantastic drawings!


I just can’t stop drawing Toothless!

Fantastic drawings!



Thanks for the kind words, Boilbee. Here are some of the blogs on tumblr I really enjoy. They post a lot of great art/animation.

The art of animation posts TONS of beautiful art and concept art from different artists regularly:

Great concept art is posted regularly on this tumblr:

Griz and Norm are married animators/artists who work for Dreamworks Animation as a VizDev artist, and at Disney Feature Animation as a storyboard artist. They post their personal work and tutorials at:

Wannabe Animator is a great artist and friend of mine. She’s been relentlessly pursuing a career in animation as long as I’ve known her and posts great news, inspiration, and education having to do with animation and art. She’s also contributed to Animation Force from time to time as Jinny. Find her at: She also posts here personal art here:

Lots of illustration art at:

Breana Melvin is a 3D character animator and artist who runs a blog dedicated to animation news, inspiration, and education. Check it out here:

I don’t know anything about Animoose, but they post lots of inspiring art:

Eric Scales is a brilliant artist who regularly inspires me with his daily drawings:

Fran Court is an artist and illustrator living and working in London, UK. She posts her personal work and stuff that inspires her on her tumblr:

Promoting all styles of art, including 3D, knitting, and everything else you can think of:

Michael DiMotta is an artist who I just love. His art is incredible and inspiring:

Art of Animation features animators and animation. Lots of inspirational stuff here:

Pencil Tests features pencil tests from animators from most of the major films and studios:

Scott C. posts a lot of traditional art, using ink and watercolors. Unique and fun to look at: posts mainly gifs of animated films, but also sometimes obscure stuff too.

Animated sensation posts art and gifs of animated films:

Modmad is an artist from the UK, who is a bit crazy. But she is also a crazy talented artist, and I’m always inspired by her work, both on her tumblr: and also on her ongoing webcomic called The Property of Hate, involving an object head character. Very inspiring draftsmanship:

Marc Hendry is a Scottish animator and artist. He posts a lot of inspirational stuff having to do with animation on his blog:

Loish is a professional illustrator. Her stuff is astounding.

Chris Battle is an American animation character design artist, best known for his work on the hit Cartoon Network shows DEXTER’S LABORATORY, POWERPUFF GIRLS, and SAMURAI JACK,  as well as shows for Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, and more. He posts goofy stuff as well as animation stuff here:

Eat, Sleep, Draw is a submission art tumblr, where artists from all walks and all around the internet submit and have their art posted. Really random at times, and also inspiring:

Robo-Fist’s Revenge is a blog written by a crazy nerd who loves writing about pop culture, and that often includes animation:

Pascal Campion is a French American illustrator who has a unique style and who has done concept art for DreamWorks and other big companies:

Tom Bancroft is an artist and animator who used to work for disney. He designed Mushu from Mulan, and he makes great art and books:

Anatomical Art is a brilliant blog for inspiration and reference. They have tons of help and inspiration for drawing bodies and humans. Great stuff:

Chris Haley is a comic artist who does some really cool work. He’s got a unique style. I like his stuff and positive attitude a lot. is a project started by an artist who took on the task of drawing object headed characters inspired by tumblr user’s tumblr names. 

David VanTuyle is a storyboard artist who posts a drawing everyday. His work is really brilliant:

Sarah Pocock is an animator. She posts her work on her tumblr and it’s truly inspiring:

Tim Sparvero is a personal friend who is a fantastic comic artist. He runs his comic online and updates regularly with great work and a unique style:

James Hance is a personal inspiration to me. He’s a brilliant painter and artist in general and he does all sorts of pop culture art and mashups. Love his stuff:

Michael Yamada is an illustrator who I think works or worked for disney. He has great work:

Weekly art challenges challenges artists to make work based on a weekly challenge. Yup, just took a whole sentence to restate their name. I love the community they promote and the incentive their blog gives to artists. Take part!

Sarah J is an artist and animator. She makes a comic called the Ordinary Adventures of Batman which is hilarious.

These are the best art blogs and artists that I know of on Tumblr. They give me daily inspiration and drive. I’m sure there are many more out there, but that’s why I always keep my eye open for more. Let us know if you have some blogs that you follow for animation, art, and inspiration.